Comprehensive Network Design

Network DesignWhether your needs are as minimal as 3 computers sharing an Internet connection, printer and files or a hundred workstations and multiple servers, John’s PC Configurations Inc. can design a network that fits your needs and your budget. With extensive experience on multiple platforms and with all major manufactures, you can rest assured the solutions John’s PC Configurations Inc. deliver will be built to exceed your needs and stand up to the demands of your growing enterprise.

Our Computer Network Services Include:

  • New Network Design
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Software Installation
  • SPAM Filtering
  • Email Archiving
  • Upgrades and Migration for Existing Networks

Dealing with IT issues is important for any company trying to keep an edge. In the last decade computers have become present in every part of our lives. Many common functions are now fulfilled by technology. Cash registers and check-out lanes are simply the surface of what computers now do. Their reach as extended to the point that many functions are becoming rapidly specialized.

Among the most notable are the different requirements of different computers. Web hosting is a vastly separate specialty from running shared printers and email. Such is the differences that new specialty companies have arisen. If you have ever had to call for IT support you may encounter certain issues. Often you will have to be transferred between several IT professionals seeking one with the knowledge you need.

Calling in a business to explicitly do certain repairs can quickly become expensive if multiple companies become involved. Enough people have suffered this frustration that a new breed of IT support has been born. These industry leaders have teams of specialist and can offer all in one IT solutions.

Managed IT services provide a multitude of different support specialist. If your Web server is not responding these services can provide assistance without requiring you to contact multiple companies. Perhaps most useful is that any issue can be addressed. From support for beginner users all the way to providing custom developed programs for busy internet startups. In the next decade comprehensive solutions are expected to become the norm. Simply assembling a team of experts is not enough. They must be well coordinated like a well-oiled machine. Tracking down the best and brightest is specialized knowledge in itself.

Managed IT companies that are skilled in this department tend to thrive and attract more business. Surprisingly, their services are often less expensive than non-specific companies. Time will be saved and you will never have to hire a different company for your needs. This includes Web hosting, something all businesses require today.

Finding the right managed IT company does not have to difficult. The internet is a great resource for determining the quality and reputation of a service. Among the best is John PC Configurations Inc. who has been providing quality managed IT solutions to an array of companies. By attracting the best technicians practically any situation can be challenged and over the next decade these businesses will become the dominate form of IT in the World. Put your company in the hands of trained professionals, IT managed solutions are your one-stop shop for any potential IT needs. John’s PC Configurations Inc. is here to support your network needs!

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