John’s PC Do IT Right Process

Say goodbye to computer problems!

John PC Do IT Right ProcessTo bring you the best information technology solutions, we adhere to a comprehensive workflow process that’s yielded high quality results for more than a decade and for┬áthousands of clients:

1. Understand

Initial evaluation:

  • Learn your company strengths, goals, issues, etc.
  • Go beyond the pain symptoms to uncover root causes
  • Listen, question, probe, understand

2. Think


  • Completely diagnose the issues
  • Assess each potential fix
  • Anticipate future IT issues and how to avoid them
  • Brainstorm other ways to maximize IT effectiveness
  • Present the best solutions to you

3. Validate


  • Assure solutions meet or exceed all client criteria
  • Document steps and processes
  • Conduct trial runs
  • If necessary, strengthen the solutions

4. Monitor


  • Train the client staff
  • Rollout organization-wide
  • Provide client support and service
  • Monitor for and eliminate any glitches
  • Evaluate periodically
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