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Benefits of Installing a IP Security Camera System in Snohomish County Include:

  • Secures your property, your valuables, and your family
  • Lowers your property insurance premium
  • Allows for remotely monitoring your property at any time
  • Helps to increase the value of your home
  • Provides peace of mind

Why Choose JPC Computer to Install Your IP Surveillance Cameras?

For over 10 years, JPC Computers has been installing effective surveillance camera systems to Snohomish County residents and businesses. We offer IP security camera installation to homes, apartments, office buildings, retail establishments, restaurants, apartment complexes, gated communities, schools, playgrounds, commercial parking lots, and more. Our Snohomish County surveillance installers will work with you to customize a camera system to fit your unique needs and budget. Give us a call today at 425-374-4888

Knowledgeable IP Security Camera Installers

One of the first questions JPC Computers is asked when a homeowner inquires about installing IP cameras is where they should be placed. Knowing the most common points of entry to any home include the front door, back door, first-floor windows and garages, JPC Computers suggests at the very least installing one camera covering your front door and one covering your back door. However, having cameras installed at all access points will allow for the best security. JPC knows to install IP security cameras at a downward angle and make sure they are installed out of reach. Using multiple cameras will help avoid blind spots, and placing the cameras in areas where the image quality won’t be impacted by lighting is also important.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about what JPC Computers can do to help improve your safety or you’re ready to have your home or commercial security cameras installed, call us today. We will plan the best surveillance plan for your unique needs and budget.

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