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Data Recovery

Since 1989 we’ve helped thousands of Mac & Windows users recover from data loss.

Data Recovery

Whether your data includes photos you can’t retake, projects you don’t have time to redo, or emails you can’t live without, we can recover it all.

“Having spent endless days and nights creating an enormously important document and then in one second losing it by having touched down on an inappropriate key…was excruciating. After many unsuccessful attempts by others to somehow retrieve said document, my anguish worsened. Then I found John PC . In spite of my having been told by many others that my work was likely gone, John PC actually…miraculously made the data recovery I was desperate to find. To have had to re-create such a document would have been dreadfully time consuming, emotionally draining … and perhaps even impossible. I shall be forever grateful for the profound relief John PC provided. Thank you a thousand times…and more!

~ D. A. on 2/14/11

Free Estimates & Complete Solutions

Bring your computer or other data storage device to John’s PC Configurations Inc. for a free estimate. We have all the resources to get you back up and running again as quickly as possible. In addition to data recovery, we will:

  • Repair your recent Apple or PC; if it’s time to move on to a new machine, we’ll help you choose the right computer and transfer your recovered data to it.
  • Help you purchase missing software or contact manufacturers for replacement disks.
  • Create a backup plan so that you’ll never need data recovery again.

Usually we’re able to recover all the data from your device. In rare cases, our technicians will be able to recover a portion of your data. If we are unable to recover any data, we can coordinate having your drive sent to a more intensive (and expensive) data recovery facility.

Rush Service Available

Our typical turnaround time for data recovery is five to seven business days. If the situation requires it, we do offer a rush option. Rush fees are not refundable.

Recovery is Available For Just About Anything That Holds Data

  • iPods
  • RAID arrays
  • USB flash drives
  • Nearly any internal or external hard drive
  • Computers running any version of Mac OS or Windows
  • Removable media (floppy disks, Zip disks, SyQuest carts, Jaz carts and more)
  • Digital camera media (compact flash, memory stick, smart media, micro drives, SD and mini SD cards)


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