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With JPC Custom Systems You Get:

  • Better Designs – Some “custom” builders have you select from a few pre-defined builds with limited options. At JPC, we don’t start the process without discussing exactly what you want your PC to do.
  • Better Quality – Big manufacturers know that most buyers are drawn to performance, so they can cut corners on quality. JPC chooses only the best manufacturers for every component to protect your investment.
  • Better Upgrade Options – Often, the big manufacturers like to use proprietary parts. While this may save them a few bucks, you may find you’re at a dead-end if you want to upgrade. At JPC Computers, we always keep upgrades in mind so you have a clear path to maintain peak performance with minimal upgrade costs.
  • Better Service – We’ve all faced the soul-crushing challenge of phone support. Inexperienced “techs” in a call center try to solve your problems by reading from their script. With a JPC Computers, you can rest assured that any questions will be answered easily by our friendly and talented technicians.

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