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Custom Solutions

  • Gaming PCs
  • Gaming PCs Systems built for playing the latest triple-a games, laptops designed to scratch that gaming itch on-the-go, and VR Ready beasts to fully immerse yourself. Take a look at our huge range of bespoke gaming systems for your needs. 
  • Home & Office PCs Home & Office PCs Computers designed for your everyday home and office needs.  From Silent Internet Surfing, General Family Use, a system for home office Number-Crunching, or a discrete dedicated Media Player, we have a wide range of Home & Office Computers
  • Production & Hobby Production & Hobby Powerful PCs designed for demanding tasks and uses. We have specific designs for everything from Photography editing workstations through to rendering machines designed to improve your workflow and reduce down-time. 
  • Business & Enterprise Business & Enterprise Solutions for businesses. From general office IT, through to high-end productivity workstations, servers and rack-mount solutions, our solutions help businesses reduce their IT bottlenecks, prevent downtime and improve efficiency.
  • Build A Custom PC Build A Custom PC Design your own PC for your needs. Be it a high-end gaming rig, or a small office workstation our configurator lets you pick the perfect parts for your PC that meet your budget, power, size and style requirements. Our engineers build and stress-test the system in our dedicated facility and then Have you pick it up or ship it to your door. 


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