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Custom Gaming Computers from JPC Computers - Marysville and Everett, WA

Custom Gaming Computers: You Dream It, We Build It!

JPC Computers has been assembling purpose-built, custom gaming computer systems for almost 35 years. JPC custom desktops and laptops have many benefits over big name or Internet purchased computers. Some of these include:

Fully Customizable

With our in-stock selection of motherboards, CPUs, RAM, Hard and Solid State Drives, optical drives, cases, video cards and add-on cards, we can assemble over 1 million different configurations of computers. We’ll work with you to determine the optimal solution to meet your needs and budget. And that’s just the hardware. If you need specific software or special applications, we’ll install them as part of our manufacturing process. We install all current software updates and complete the registrations so your computer is ready for immediate use.

Durability and Reliability 

We cherry-pick our parts from manufacturers that we have worked with and trusted for decades. Our computers are far more reliable than the industry standard. Many of our computers are still up and running 10 to 15 years after we built them.

Free of Bloatware 

Other manufacturers are paid to install trial software, demos, and games, that only end up slowing down your new computer. We do what’s right for our customers, not what lines our pockets. It’s one more reason why our computers will out-perform similar systems from major manufacturers.

Local Support 

We assemble our custom PC systems right here in Marysville. Purchasing a custom-built computer from us is helping your community.

Local Warranty 

All of our systems come with a one, two, or three-year warranty.

Local Service 

If your JPC computer should need service, you won’t be calling overseas for support. You won’t need a box or a shipping label either. We’re right here in your neighborhood. And your computer takes priority in our service center.


Purpose-built does not mean expensive. It means getting a machine that is tailored for your wants and needs.

Ready for Your Own Custom Gaming Computer?

If you’re ready to explore building your own custom gaming computer, we’re ready to help. Desktop or laptop, we can do it. Contact us today and see what we can build for you!


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