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JPC IP Security Cameras

IP Security Cameras


These days, many home and business owners agree that you can never be too careful or cautious when it comes to security, and a big part of ensuring that your property stays safe and secure is installing a fully functional security camera and surveillance system. JPC Computes provides IP Camera surveillance system installation in Snohomish County for residential and commercial properties alike, providing you with the security and peace of mind you deserve!

With a decade of industry experience under our belts, our customers can always trust us to provide reliable, effective products and services. Here’s a closer look at how we can help you:

  • Commercial and residential: JPC Computers works with both commercial and residential customers in need of security and surveillance systems. Given our long history of providing quality service and our team of expert technicians, we have a strong understanding of the needs of our customers, as well as the solutions that may work best in a particular situation. Call us to learn more about how we can serve your home or business.
  • Cameras and wiring: A surveillance system is only effective when the highest level of attention is paid to the ways in which the system is configured. From camera placement to ensuring proper wiring between the various parts of the system, JPC Computers has you covered when you need an effective surveillance system installed.
  • Maintenance and repair of existing systems: Once a new system is installed, it’s almost inevitable that small adjustments will need to be made. Over time, the need for maintenance and repairs is just part of owning and using a quality camera system. We’re here to make sure your system is properly maintained to ensure a long lifespan, and to handle any of your repair needs that arise.
  • Advanced screens and cameras: JPC Computers carries and installs surveillance cameras, ranging from the most basic models to special products for use in specific circumstances or locations. Whether you need night vision, weatherproof, indoor/outdoor, or concealed cameras or screens, we can help! If you’re not sure which setup is right for you, then just ask one of our experts for advice. We’ll always be able to recommend just the right products for your situation.


  • Deterrence: Deterrence is one of the best ways to discourage criminal activity. Many would-be thieves and intruders are intimidated by visible security cameras, and even something as small as a sign letting people know that they’re being watched can have an enormous impact on their behavior.
  • Active Monitoring: You can’t watch your home or business all day every day, but your surveillance system can. You can check in whenever and wherever you want!
  • Evidence: If you are the victim of a crime, then it’s important to provide the police with as much evidence as possible. Security camera footage can help law enforcement officials identify intruders quickly, and it can also bolster any insurance claims you make on stolen property.
  • Records: As an employer, it’s important to keep records of your business’ day-to-day operations, and security camera footage is no exception. Should a dispute arise between employees or something valuable go missing, you can check your security camera footage for an unbiased view of the situation. If you own a residential property, then you can use your security camera system to keep an eye on your property and settle any disputes that arise between you and your neighbors.


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