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Custom built Laptops for gaming, content creation, cad, design, engineering, scientific computers and much more..

We design our gaming laptops to be the best laptops and notebooks on the market. Period. We start each laptop build process by using high quality parts installed by some John’s PC Configurations Inc. passionate professionals. After your laptop or notebooks has completed assembly it goes onto our rigorous 96-hour test that individually stresses every vital component in your system to the limit, ensuring perfect operation even under the most extreme conditions. Our expectations are as high as yours – and we feel that only after your laptop has passed this series of tests is it ready for your approval.

Why Us?

There’s more to it than just really powerful laptops.

See 10 of the many reasons to choose John’s PC Configurations Inc. for your Custom laptop or notebook purchase.

  1. We’re honest
    We never up sell, and we never recommend upgrades that aren’t needed. We are a truly honest operation. Call us and we’ll find out what your computing needs are, then we’ll guide you to the right laptop for your computing needs.
  2. We’re affordable
    When you truly consider the facts – when you add up all of the features – we undeniably offer more value than any nearest competitor. Sometimes you have to look beyond the price and consider all things such as honesty of service, quality of support and upgrade-ability. There is a cost associated with “cheap laptops” – don’t let it burn you.
  3. We don’t install bloatware
    We hate per-installed bloatware programs just as much as you do. So we abide by a strict no bloatware policy. We believe you should be the only one to decide what goes in your system.
  4. Long Life and Rugged
    Heat is the number one reason for notebook failure. Our laptops are designed to run cool giving them longevity while giving you the piece of mind that your notebook won’t fail do to heat.
  5. Upgrade ability
    Unlike many large notebook companies, we don’t use security features to prevent you from upgrading your own laptop. Our philosophy is you should have the freedom of open architecture. So feel free to explore, crank up, and easily upgrade every component of your system at any time. It won’t void our warranty (just keep in mind that your warranty covers your original hardware, not components you add yourself).
  6. Service since 1989
    While John’s PC Configurations Inc. is significantly newer, we’ve been building the world’s most powerful high-performance laptops for years and in that time has been trusted by computer enthusiasts.
  7. Name Brand Components
    We only install brand name components in our gaming laptops to ensure your system performs its best. We are so confident that your John’s PC Configurations Inc. notebook will have no operational problems that we offer a standard 1 Year Warranty on all of our systems. Rest, assured, your laptop is built with the highest quality components available today, from companies such as nVidia, Intel, ATI, and Creative.
  8. Rock solid stability testing
    Before shipping, each notebook purchase is tested, each component of your notebook is tested for a total of 96 hours in a compete inside and out stress test. This guarantees your system will perform with solid, stable operation for years.
  9. Innovation
    Over and over John’s PC Configurations Inc. has been first to market with new, desktop-class features in gaming laptops. Most recently, we were the first — and are still the only — to install full, desktop Core i7 CPUs into a laptop. This advantage keeps our customers on the bleeding edge of technology, right in line with their desktop-wielding friends.
  10. Local Service
    Making an important purchase with a company for the first time can feel uncertain. That is why each customer is valued and we check and make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Then Back it up with our remote support to make sure maximum up-time.

Our Advantage

Our laptops feature performance-enhancing innovations such as quad-core processors, high-bandwidth memory, and hybrid hard drives with ultra-speed cache. The laptops we build deliver benchmark-crushing performance that is unmatched by the competition. From the years of experience we have gained from building these unrivaled laptops, we are able to provide features you can’t find anywhere else.

Upgradeable Custom Laptops

Many manufacturers install hardware limitations on their laptops to prevent users from making changes or upgrades. This severely limits the amount of freedom you have to improve your system later down the road. At John’s PC Configurations Inc., we feel you should have complete control over what goes in and what comes out of your notebook. That’s why you can make upgrades to the graphics cards, display, processor, hard drive, and memory long after your purchase. And if you’re not comfortable making the upgrades yourself, we can do it for you.

Customize Your Dream Laptop

Our custom laptops are hand-built by skilled engineers to be the best, most powerful laptops on the market. Every component of your laptop is carefully built to your specification and stress-tested in a 96 hour system analysis to guarantee rock solid, stable operation for years. Our laptops are also covered by the very best U.S.-based technical support directly from the experts who built your laptop.


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