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JPC Custom Computers

If you are in the market for a new, high quality computer system, John’s PC Configurations Inc. can build it for you.


Quality Custom built Computers and Workstations for gaming, content creation, cad, design, engineering, scientific computers and much much more..

We build to your exact specifications using the highest quality, highest performance components available on the market today.

Most of our custom built computer systems include a three year limited warranty on the motherboard, Lifetime on Memory, Five Years on the hard drive and so on, setting John’s PC Configurations Inc. apart from the competition. Very few computer systems that are currently on the market, especially those that are mass produced by the largest computer companies, are comprised of quality components or include a meaningful warranty without payment of a substantial additional fee.

Today it is unfortunate that so many consumers are being enticed to purchase generic store brand computer systems simply due to their extremely low prices. Time and time again, we end up repairing these ultra low cost computer systems within the first year of ownership, because they have experienced catastrophic hardware failures, often resulting in the loss of critical data. In situations like that, even if a manufacturer warranty is still in force, replacement of the computer system with an identical new or refurbished unit does not solve the problem, because all of the computer users’ critical data has either been destroyed or remains on the damaged computer. All of this frustration can be avoided and greater productivity can be realized, by investing in a high quality custom built computer system from John’s PC Configurations Inc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to request a quote for a custom built computer system tailored to meet your particular needs.


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