Opening Hours
Mon - Sat: 10am to 6pm

When how long does it take? The JPC Do It Right Process!

We offer a couple of different Service levels.

1:) JPC Standard Service

2:) Need Now Service (There is additional fees for this service. This service means we drop what we are doing and focus solely on your repair until it is finished and returned to you)

We currently have 12 dedicated workstations to insure the fastest possible turn around time.

The JPC Computers do it right process:

1:) Sign in equipment

2:) Run diagnostics, troubleshoot issues.

3:) Inform customer of what the issue or issues are and give a clear plan to repair and provide estimate of proposed work.

4:) Upon approval from customer repair and test equipment for proper functionality and test.

5:) Call customer for pick up.

JPC standard service Turn around time is 24 to 48 hours excluding Sundays. This can very depending on if there is parts that need to be ordered to complete the repair.


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