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Merle Brown

I met John and Chris, John PC Configurations, when I urgently needed help to recover from a failing network.

John determined that the hard drives in the server were failing and causing user profiles to become corrupt upon login. New hard drives would be necessary, requiring a complete network shutdown in my case. He advised I should upgrade Windows Server OS and SQL, since my present versions would soon be outdated. It was a good suggestion that would save time and effort in the long run.

Realizing how downtime would hurt our business, John and Chris rebuilt the servers, working through the night and brought them back the following morning. They stayed throughout the day late into the evening helping to install application software, configure workstations and printers. They treated downtime as if it were their own business. I really appreciate the intense effort given on their part to get us back up and running in a timely manner. They are very knowledgeable. Their technical skills and ability to trouble shoot problems reflect years and years of experience, something that seems increasingly more difficult to find these days.

Since recovering from that disaster John PC Configuration continues to guide me through additional network upgrades, transition to Windows 10, and network security planning. The network is healthy and secure now. Upon purchasing new hardware or software I seek their opinion and expertise. They put effort into understanding my need, research and offer advice, insuring a solution that is a good fit for our business. There is a difference between selling to someone and helping them. Money is too often the motivation for the first. John PC Configuration truly strives to help their customers with solutions that make sense, are a good fit and in the customer’s best interest.

I initially contacted John PC Configuration when the IT specialist whom had supported our business for several years was unable to help. Even another IT support person was unable to determine the problem and had little idea how to proceed, inspiring little confidence. John PC Configuration came through for me, and helped to overcome problems that had stemmed from poor technical implementation and advice in the past.
Merle Brown
IT Manager


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